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Looking for an Instagram Content Calendar? Obviously, you clicked on my post! Included here is the one I created to fit my needs, as well as tips on how I use it and what the heck to write on it.

If you are a business account on Instagram– home decor, fashion, lifestyle, or any other type– you probably know what a time sucker the app can be.

In order to grow your account, posting pictures several times a week is a must. Not only that, daily posting to your stories is recommended to best connect with your followers.

“Okay, I hear you, but….. I’m running out of ideas! WHAT can I post to keep my audience engaged?!” Below is a list of ideas created by Lauren Schneider to help get you started. This is not a “one size fits all” list, but it’s a great place to get your gears turning.

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Great! You’ve got some content ideas, and you know how you’re going to fit some of them into your niche.

Now, where does the content calendar fit in to all this?

For all my fellow Type A content creators, maybe you can relate.

I started my Instagram account as a hobby, and over time it has turned into a business (you can read more about how I grew my Instagram here). Although I still greatly enjoy the day-in-and-day-out of “doing Instagram,” I must also treat it as a business in order for it to grow.

This means that I have a loose plan for the content I want to create each week, so that I don’t start the week without a clear direction.

At the beginning of the month, I set 3 goals that I want to achieve within that 30 days.

These can be as simple or as big as you want.

  • Do a DIY project this month
  • Reach out to my favorite company about collaborating
  • Paint my bedroom and document the process

Then, I list any upcoming collaborations, as well as potential ideas I have for IGTV videos. Making more IGTV videos is a goal I set for myself, which is why I made that subsection.

If IGTV isn’t your thing, cross that out and it can just be your “ideas” area!


Below that section is a calendar in a grid format

I left it blank so you can fill in the month and dates for each month you choose to use this calendar

I use this grid to note the days that I’m going to post on my feed, and what picture I’m going to be posting. This helps me make sure I have that photo taken & edited in advance.

Story Planner

Lastly, the final section is where you can write out the ideas you have for your stories.

Here is my personal recommendation:

Plan out your content on a week-to-week basis, as to not get overwhelmed. I sit down on Sunday nights and make sure I have one to two talking point for each day of the coming week.

Again, it’s the Type A in me, but I work better knowing that I at least have SOMETHING on the agenda for that day. Then, because I have that plan, I am usually able to come up with a few more talking points throughout the day. This brings spontaneity and fun to my stories, as well as relevant content.

If you’re suffering from “Instagram block” and you’re still stuck on what to write on your content calendar, here’s another set of ideas from Fiona Flintham.

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I hope this was helpful for you!

Click below to download this printable version of the Instagram Content Calendar I created that keeps me on track and organized.

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