How to Make a Giant Wreath

My big, blank wall needed a statement piece, and modern problems require modern solutions. *Giant wreath enters the scene*

I wanted something unique that I’d never seen in a store before, and I think this triangle wreath did the trick!

wreath 2

Here’s how you can make your own!

Supplies for the triangle:

  • Three 1×2 oak strips
  • wood glue
  • stain (I used “early american” by Varathane)

Supplies for the florals:

  • faux florals (all of mine are from Hobby Lobby)
  • low-heat hot glue gun
  • staple gun
  • wire cutters

Now, time to make a giant wreath!

We cut each oak strip down into 5 foot pieces. 

The end of each piece was cut at a 60 degree angle (if you don’t have the means to do this at home, ask for help at Lowe’s or Home Depot!).

Use wood glue to secure the strips into your triangle shape. I did this part BEFORE staining, so if the glue got messy it wouldn’t mess up the stain.

Time for the fun part– florals!

Lay the greenery out before you start stapling so you can move the stems around

I decided to stick with an asymmetrical look, so the faux eucalyptus is only on two sides of the triangle. I used wire cutters to clip sections off this bushel of eucalyptus, and then secured each piece with a staple gun.

For the flowers, it was easiest to use a hot glue gun. I concentrated them primarily within two feet of the 60 degree angle, but you could absolutely put them on the whole triangle! I ended up doing 5 large, white flowers, and then clusters of small ones.

You want to make sure to use a low-heat hot glue gun so the florals don’t melt.

how to make a giant wreath
I stuck my flowers out in different directions to give the wreath a fuller look

Compared to how expensive giant wreaths are online, this was a budget-friendly project! If you wanted to cut costs even more, you could find your own real greenery to dry out and attach to your wreath! Another way to save some money would be to use a less expensive type of wood.

how to make a giant wreath

I love this project because it is such a great statement piece for any season, and it’s just so unique.

If you decide to make your own, I would love to see a photo!

Happy creating! -M


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