Closet Refresh: How to Organize a Small Closet

before and after small closet organization

I’m gonna say it– this is one heck of a before and after. Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing to share what my closet used to look like. But now when I get dressed in the morning, this gives me a much more peaceful start to my day. Maybe I’ll add a chair and a coffee bar in here 😉 Here are my tips on how I organized and accessorized my small closet!

“I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman” -Vera Wang

Step 1: Hangers

Hanging all my clothes on the same type of hangers (and color coding them) instantly made the closet feel more organized. Here are the hangers I bought from Target. There were several options there– wood, black, and velvet!

shoe organization

Step 2: Shoe and Accessory Organization

Lining my most worn shoes up in formation made a big difference! I put the ones that I don’t wear as often into these 2 baskets. You could also use 3-4 smaller baskets for hats, scarves, and other accessories if you don’t have a lot of shoes!

necklace hanger

This is how I chose to hang my necklaces. I pulled a plank from my garage, attached drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby, and hung my DIY necklace holder on the empty wall!

small closet organization

Maximize space in a small closet by hanging hats on the wall.

round stand up mirror

Step 3: Adding a Mirror and Rug

To me, the mirror gives a “boutique” feel to the closet. I can try an outfit on, immediately look at it, and then turn around and hang it back up if I change my mind. This has prevented me from leaving clothes on the floor out by the mirror in our bedroom. I bought this one from Amazon.

The rug is from a company I LOVE– Well Woven! The beautiful print on the rug is a little more difficult to see with the lighting in my closet. Here is the one I purchased:

Cannes Gray

If you want this one, or any other gorgeous rug from their website, you can use the code Morgan15 to get 15% off your order of $75 or more (valid until August 24th)!

crystal chandelier in small closet

Step 4: Changed out the Light Fixture

If it didn’t feel like a boutique before, it certainly does now! This isn’t a light fixture that I would normally choose, but it felt so right to make my small closet feel more elegant and feminine.

You can purchase the light here.

how to print art for free
Close-up of my DIY wall art

Step 5: Inexpensive Wall Art

I made all 3 of these scrolls for less than 10 dollars! There’s an online resource I found that lets you browse THOUSANDS of prints, drawing, etc. to download and print for free from your home! I downloaded these floral images and then had them blown up at Staples. Click here for the blog post that walks you through how I did this!

Finally: Shiplap!

Shiplap definitely isn’t something you need in order to make your closet appealing, but it sure is pretty!

The method I use to put up shiplap in our home is fairly inexpensive, and looks like the real deal! I made a video all about it. Join me on Instagram and click the story highlight called “shiplap” 🙂

small closet organization

I know not everyone understands why I would put the money into a closet refresh. For me, this is a space that’s all my own, a space I go into every day, and a space I love to be in because I love fashion!

I hope these ideas are helpful to you as you decorate and organize a closet you DON’T want to shut the door on <3 -M

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