Decorating Difficult Spaces Part 1: Hallways

hallway decorating ideas

After a recent questionnaire on Instagram, I gathered a list of rooms that people find hard to decorate. My favorite response was “hallways suck.” They sure can, my friend. But they don’t have to! Let’s talk about some hallway decor that makes a statement.

***A note: my home is small, and basically one large, open space. I only have one hallway! What you’ll find below are graphic design boards that I’ve created, as well as photos from other bloggers***

Hallways with limited floor space

If you have a central hallway in your home that leads to bedrooms, that means there’s probably not a lot of floor space in that area. Here’s a solution!

floating shelf styling
Click each word for sources: shelf, plant, mirror

Since you don’t have room for an accent table, make your own! Use a floating shelf to simulate table space. With a mirror above it and decorative items sitting on top, this is a simple way to make a statement that doesn’t involve only the use of picture frames.

This decor setup could also be made functional by adding bowls to serve as a drop zone for keys, wallets, etc.

hallway decor
Clock, board with hooks, scroll, eucalyptus, jute bag

This design barely juts out from the wall, which makes it a great option for people with narrow hallways. Adding shiplap (or a neutral shade of paint) makes the wood tones and greenery pop.

My favorite neutral shade of paint is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Hallways with TOO MUCH space

The wall below has a large surface area with no sconces, windows, or doors leading to bedrooms. So what do we do with it?

Image result for home landing
Photo taken from Summit Homes

Large Photo Gallery Wall
Source: Sincerely Sara D

Picture frames have been a staple in decorating for….. ever. But the way you display photos doesn’t have to be boring! Using large frames like Sara did still lets you display your memories, but doesn’t give an overwhelming look like small picture frames sometimes can.

hallway decor
Sign, barn light

Next, let’s talk about shiplap. In my humble opinion, you could shiplap a hallway, do absolutely nothing else to it, and that would make a statement in itself. Click here for the budget-friendly shiplap tutorial that I have followed for all the shiplap walls in my home.

But if you want to kick it up a notch, you could replace your sconces with barn lights. Here’s my favorite trick— mounting a light fixture on the wall, but not actually wiring it. Pop in either a battery powered or remote-controlled lightbulb and BAM, instant character at a fraction of the cost.

The beautiful sign in the graphic I made is from Walls of Wisdom. They do custom orders that look authentically vintage, and come in many different sizes. Check out their designs here.

End of the hallway

Instead of decorating the length of the entire hallway, you could decorate the very end where the eyes are drawn.

Here’s the kind of area I’m talking about:

empty hallway

Shelves are a great option for the end of the hallway, because they are easy and affordable to change up! The decor can be switched out for each holiday.

floating shelf decor

You could even choose to put shelves from floor to ceiling to draw the eye in even more.

Image result for end of hallway before and after
Jennifer at The Craft Patch has executed this beautifully!

I have a tutorial on 3 different ways to style shelves, linked here, if you need more ideas!

Thanks so much for tuning in today! I hope you found some hallway decor that inspired you. Be sure to check back for the next part in my series on decorating difficult spaces!


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