Making Your Travels Part of Your Home Decor

I had the pleasure of guest blogging for the amazing Danielle Farideh! She asked me to talk about how to incorporate your travels into the place you call home. Below is an excerpt, and the whole post can be found HERE! Be sure to check out some of her amazing posts while you’re in her neck of the woods. Elephant sanctuary? Peru? Yes, please!

Whether you travel once a month or once a year, you want the destinations to be unforgettable.

The memories you make and experiences you gain can often become woven into who you are. As such, you want tangible pieces of each destination to display– both as reminders for yourself, and conversation pieces for others.

But how can you weave pieces from other cultures into your personal style without compromising the aesthetic of your space?

I’m going to give you a little insight on how I do this within my four walls, as well as some ideas to encompass styles that are different from my own!

Share your photos with more than just Instagram

Once you identify your style, it’s time to start decorating! Pictures are one of the best (and most popular) ways to do this.

In the world of social media, it’s so easy to slap a filter on our photos, bask in the glory of all the likes, and then leave them on the interwebs to collect dust.

While it’s painfully obvious that hanging photos is a great way to display your travels, the way in which you do it can be unique and tailored to your style.

My Instax Mini camera comes with me on every trip. It’s so easy to get that vintage look with these photos that instantly print! Each time I hear that click, I get so excited when I think of the spot where that photo will live on my fridge.

The link to my refrigerator magnets can be found HERE

I write my destination on the white margin of the photos, and I look at them every time I’m getting a snack. Also, when guests come over, these photos stand out to them and start a great conversation.


Another great way to display photos is a gallery wall. The hardest part can be determining how to arrange your photos, so this infographic above is a helpful guide.

You could even do a couple gallery walls throughout your home, each representing photos from different states/countries/continents you’ve visited. Individual rooms having their own themes would be pretty neat!

Remember, gallery walls don’t have to be made up of just photos! Baskets, post cards, plates, cultural pieces from your travels– you name it– you can make it part of a gallery wall.

To read this full post, plus get some top notch travel advice (including a FREE travel hacking course), head on over to Danielle’s blog, linked HERE!

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