When you don’t know what to buy your husband for his birthday

My husband. Hubby. Grahm with only one “a”.

He’s an absolute gem– sweetest person I know– but MAN is he difficult to buy gifts for. He buys himself whatever he needs/wants, and he already has every tool known to man.

Yesterday was his birthday, and thinking of presents this year was really stumping me.

After perusing Amazon for the umpteenth time, I realized my approach was all wrong. Instead of my thought process being “What does Grahm love?”, I had to stop and ask myself “What makes him FEEL loved?”

Here’s the answer to that question:

  • thoughtful gestures
  • quality time
  • words of affirmation

For this birthday to be special, I knew each one of those categories needed to be touched on. And here’s some good news for you– I didn’t spend a lot of money doing this. In fact, the only money spent went towards the groceries to make breakfast.

Here’s how I pulled it off:

Thoughtful gestures

“Wouldn’t it be easy for me to wake up just an hour earlier than normal and make breakfast for Grahm on his birthday?” Absolutely! This man loves his sleep, so when someone else sacrifices theirs to do something for him, he notices!

I also decided this birthday breakfast needed a theme, and what would be more appropriate than “favorite things?!” (Having a theme was also fun because it made this little breakfast-for-two seem like a mini husband and wife birthday party!)

Grahm’s favorite things are Superman, tools & wood working, funky socks, and pipes. Darn it, let’s include ’em all!

Does my husband give a hoot about decor? With 100% unwavering certainty I can give you this answer: NO.

But let me tell ya– he sure did on this day.

Quality time

This one’s easy.

You put in the time to make breakfast and gather a few of his favorite things. What do you do now? Sit down and enjoy it with him, of course!

Just a reminder: the only money spent here was on the ingredients for breakfast. And the quality time was priceless! If you want to continue the fun throughout the day, here’s a cute list of FREE date ideas! My personal favorite on this list is “have your own Chopped competition with what’s already in your fridge.”

Words of affirmation

Grahm has kept every thoughtful letter, card, and note that he’s ever received. Seriously. In his nightstand is a giant stack of the ones he revisits the most. Sometimes I think he would rather have a card than an actual present!

So there you have it. A piece of paper taken straight from the printer, complete with my handwriting. Absolutely not necessary, but if you wanted to add the touch of calligraphy, I have a tutorial linked HERE.

In this letter I included a list of fun memories for him to laugh at, then shifted the tone to be more heartfelt and serious at the end. No money spent, big smiles in return.

I hope this is helpful for you as you think of what to do for your hubby’s next birthday. A lot of times, it’s these little things that people remember. <3


*** Also, I’m not a total cheapskate. I did buy him some funky socks and a new gym bag 😉

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