DIY’s I want to try!

Do you ever get the itch to change something up in your house?

Paint a new piece of furniture?

Shiplap a wall?

Build a new entryway bench?

I can relate. I’ve usually got a list of 5-10 projects swirling around in my head at all times.

But sometimes I just blank on what I want to do next. I’ve got all these ideas, but I’m not sure where to start!

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of projects that I want to do this year. I plan on looking back on this post when I need some inspiration and a little direction on which DIY to choose next. I hope that it’s helpful and inspiring to you as well!

Credit is given on each photo and the links can be found to the original blog posts.

Paint furniture with Saltwash

Photo: Liz Marie Blog

I saw this DIY on the queen’s blog– Liz Marie Galvan. Click HERE to see her product links and description.

I love this chippy DIY because the furniture doesn’t look manufactured or fake. It could truly make your old furniture look like an antique piece!

I ordered my saltwash and tried it on an unfinished cake stand that I made. I love how that turned out, so I can’t wait to try it on furniture!

Add a wallpaper accent wall

Photo from House of Hire

Holy WOW! This is a scroll stopper! If a laundry room like this will make me actually like doing laundry, then sign me up (spoiler alert: nothing will make me like laundry).

Click HERE for Lauren’s (House of Hire’s) post on her beautiful laundry closet!

Actually, her “wallpaper” is wall tiles! I’m going to have to do my research on which method I actually want to implement, but this is the look I’m going for!

Build a trashcan cover

Photo by S&S Pallet Creations LLC

Y’all, how stunning is this trash cover?! If you want to buy it, the link is HERE. But…… it costs over FOUR HUNDRED dollars. Yikes!

So, let’s DIY it!

The space in my kitchen doesn’t allow for a bin this big, so I found a tutorial for one half this size. It’s linked HERE.

You can finish it in whatever shade you like!

Apply peel & stick tile

Y’all, this peel & stick tile from Amazon (linked HERE) looks like the real deal!

Overall, the reviews are good. What I’m gathering is that the negative reviews are due to user error (placing the tile incorrectly, trying to peel it up and restick it, etc).

I have subway tile in my kitchen, but want to apply this kind in my bathroom!

Build a house number planter

This one is from JessPaintin on Etsy

Totes adorbs!

I like the idea of the planter I posted above because of the calligraphy, but I would want the numbers to be metal. I would also want it to be taller.

HERE is a tutorial I found to fit those specifications!

Make a rustic bench

Well, here is the third DIY in a row from Ana White’s blog. This is one talented lady!

This bench only costed her $15! The price is RIGHT!

I would use this as an accent piece at the end of my bed!

Click HERE for the plans.

Well friends, thanks for tuning in today!

I only included 6 ideas so I didn’t get ahead of myself 😉

Hop on over to my instagram (HERE) to follow along and see which DIY projects are happening around my house!


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