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I feel like it was JUST Christmas time.

Well, I guess it kinda was. I suppose I like to decorate for spring early. L-O-L

Today, I wanted to share the spring decor that is alive and well in my house. I will include sources under each photo in the caption so you can find/buy the products you like (dupes will be linked if I can’t find the exact item).


Cake stand, plant (dupe), coffee mug, picture frame, lamp, side table

I LOVE to have fresh flowers in the house. Maybe I won’t have an arrangement quite this beautiful as my Valentine’s one all spring, but I’ll be picking up baby’s breath from Kroger when I go grocery shopping for about $5!

Nothing brightens and freshens up a spring space quite like real flowers.

Headboard was the luckiest Marshall’s find of all time. I found the same one on Etsy HERE, but it is significantly pricier.

Also, this white comforter from Amazon is my favorite. EVER. It lightens up my bedroom so much. I ordered it a size bigger than I needed to give that “comfy/cozy/I’m gonna drown in this bed” feel. It is linked in the first bedroom photo.

Candle sticks (all from Hobby Lobby), boxwood wreath

This was such a fun area to decorate. I’m using this piece as my bedroom dresser.

It’s super whimsical and looks amazing when the candles are actually lit!

The door itself was from an antique store, and I’m sure you could find a good selection in one of your local shops!

Kitchen/Dining Room

Copper measuring cups (dupe), hanging cutting board (dupe), large cutting board (dupe), eucalyptus, hanging pot rack, olive wreath

This look totally makes me feel like I live in a little cottage in the woods and my husband is out foraging for food. I’m just peeling the potatoes, hoping he’ll be home by dark…

Please don’t ask me why.

Candle, amber bottle (dupe), white pitcher, (greenery linked above), bunny
terra cotta pot (dupe), wood bark tray

GAH. This bunny. I’m obsessed.

The mix of woods, whites, and terra cotta pots screams “spring” to me!

metal chairs, table runner,
kraft paper

I originally set my table like this for a Galentine’s Day party.

Buuuuuut. It grew on me.

I looked for the longest time for a table runner that I wanted. This one is actually a throw blanket! It turned out to be so much fuller and longer than a normal table runner. I may never go back!

Here’s something fun about the kraft paper underneath– my hubby and I can leave messages for each other on it <3


eucalyptus garland

In case you missed it, I have a separate post on how to update your bathroom on a budget, linked HERE.

On that post, you’ll find linked sources there for the rug, shower curtain, and shelf tutorial.

The painting of the cabinet and addition of greenery was JUST in time for spring!

tobacco basket, glass vase, toilet paper scale, copper candle,
metal greenhouse (dupe, and greenery inside)

Spring accents throughout my home 

Check out my post on how to style shelves for spring HERE (sources found on that post),

In my post on how to style shelves for spring (linked in the caption above), I give 3 different options! Hopefully you can find one that appeals to you.

These shelves are in my craft room, but would also look great above a couch, bath tub, or as a focal point on an empty wall.

embroidery hoops, dried eucalyptus, wood rounds, kraft paper

This wall was inspired by the beautiful, kind, and talented Erin from Cotton Stem.

I sprinkled some wood rounds in with the embroidery hoops, the greenery is tied to the hoops with fishing wire, and I made the scroll.

If you would like to make your own, I have a blog post about calligraphy basics linked HERE.

Throw blanket, wood crate (dupe), mirror, pillow (dupe), chair is vintage (dupe linked HERE)

This was the most fun DIY ever!

I wanted an olive tree so bad, but didn’t like any of the price tags. I made this one entirely with supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Head on over to my instagram (HERE) and click on the green story highlight that says “olive tree.” I’ll walk ya through making your own 😉

Olive branches, glass bottles, picture frame, metal vase, corbels (dupe), wooden stand (dupe)

Yes, I am the worst. I STILL have that succulent stock photo in the frame after having it for 2+ months.

But when I posted this photo on Instagram, lots of y’all told me in the comments that I wasn’t alone in doing this 😉

side table (dupe– I’m sorry friends, I searched high and wide for the one in the photo and couldn’t find it. I bought it from Kirklands), chair (this one but in navy), pillow

I am lamenting that I can’t find this side table anywhere on the interwebs. EVERYONE comments on it, and it was love at first site for me. I linked a similar one in the caption above. The original is from Kirkland’s if you want to keep an eye out for it!

cake stand, boxwood wreath, candle (same candle, different jar), book (vintage– hit up your local antique stores!)

You can put this little ensemble just about anywhere, and it’s cute as can be! Mine is sitting on my kitchen counter.

mirror, glass vase, eucalyptus, brown vase (dupe), barnwood frame (available in multiple sizes), glass box (dupe),

I bought this faux mantle from a local farmhouse/antique store and cut the tree rounds, glued them to plywood that I painted black, and nail gunned it on!

I even have hooks on my fake fireplace for stockings at Christmas time 😉

Thank you for reading today!

I hope you found some ideas that you can implement in your home.

I will also be sharing more spring decor on my Instagram (olivebranchcottage) in the days and weeks to come. I’d love for you to follow along with me!


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