Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom (On a Budget)

This home decor blogging gig is weird, huh? I’m posting pictures of my toilet on the internet, and at least a few people care!


Today, I wanted to write about bathrooms because they’re seen as one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. It’s a room that needs to be highly functional, but is often small, eliminating a lot of space for decor.

I’m going to start with tips that are budget friendly and could be put into action today, and then work up to projects that take a little more resources and effort.

Update Rugs and Towels

An appropriately sized rug is one of the easiest ways to add interest to your bathroom.

I love the look of a patterned floor in a small bathroom, but that’s not a project that’s in the budget at the moment. The easiest remedy to this was to get a rug that covered the majority of the floor, simulating the look of that beautiful tile. The one in my photo is from TJ Maxx, and it was less than $15!

I couldn’t find the exact one online, but click HERE for one that is similar (only $12.99)!

Hand towel from Target

New towels are another great way to update a bathroom. My favorite place to buy them is Target, because they have options for every color scheme!

I have a fun way to display my towels instead of just a towel rack: a blanket ladder!

My hubby made this blanket ladder for me and I painted it. If you are local to the Nashville area and want a blanket ladder like mine– message me! Towels are from target, garland is from Hobby Lobby.

Well… er… I guess that makes it a towel ladder? Anywho, I love the rustic look!

Get a Taller Shower Curtain

This made SUCH a difference. Throughout the rest of my house, I have always purchased extra long curtains and hung them a foot or so above the top of the window. This gives the illusion of taller windows and higher ceilings.

When updating my bathroom, I wondered why I had never tried that with a shower curtain.

I purchased a 6×9 dropcloth from Lowes, then I washed and dried it so that it wouldn’t look so stiff. Then, I just folded the top over and clipped curtain rings on them. The drop cloth can be found HERE, and is less than $12! BOOM.

But what about a shower curtain liner?

All I did was leave up the tension rod and liner that I had before, and hung the drop cloth and new rod slightly in front of the old one.

This simple update made my small bathroom look a lot bigger!

Add Shelving

These shelves take a little more time, but they are so worth it! They add much needed functional space in a small bathroom.

Click HERE for the tutorial I followed. This project costs about $20.

My shelves hold mostly decor, but can easily be adapted to act as a linen “closet” for homes that don’t have one!

Click HERE for my blog post on 3 ways to style shelves for spring if you need some ideas!

Paint your Vanity

This is the most expensive and time-intensive project on this list, but it is still more budget friendly than buying a new vanity.

For all of the supplies listed below (depending on how much paint you need– I only needed a quart), it will be around a $40-$50 project.

I used Valspar satin paint in the shade “Gaucho.” It’s a beautiful, olive green color, and it definitely makes the cabinet a focal point of the bathroom.

You’ll need either an electric sander or sandpaper to get the topcoat off your cabinets, your paint of choice, rollers, paintbrushes, and painter’s tape.

I didn’t use primer because this paint had built-in primer. I did 3 coats of the Valspar scrub-resistant paint.

Get a New Trash Can

This one sounds silly, but a wicker trash can really has the ability to make a statement, as opposed to a cheap, plastic one.

It’s a simple touch that can add warmth, and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Mine is from Target, and is linked HERE.

Can’t find the right trash can for you? Try looking in unexpected places. The one in my master bathroom is actually a flower pot from Old Time Pottery. It was exactly the pattern I was wanting! I just put my own small, thin liner in it to cover up the hole at the bottom.

Other ideas

I didn’t do all of the updates that I wanted to with this bathroom refresh, but it’s a start!

I thought I would include a few more ideas for you to choose from that I didn’t get around to this time:

  • Replace soap dispenser (I like THIS one)
  • Update the hardware on your cabinets (this can often take the place of painting, but still make a big impact)
  • Build a frame for your mirror (on my to-do list!)
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls

Don’t be afraid to switch things up in your bathroom! You can create a space that you love and that makes a big impact…. all on a budget!


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  1. Awesome job. Love the new blog announcements. My bathroom is a lot smaller and unfortunately being an older house the builder put the vanity next to the tub. Water damage ruined it so looking for a tough vanity. Lol 5 year old problems

  2. Love your creativity and budget friendly ideas! What color did you paint your walls?

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