3 Ways to Style Shelves for Spring

Spring is quickly approaching, friends!

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of winter decor. Once the tree is all boxed up, I’m itching to pull out my spring florals and get to work.

But before I get to the styling, here’s a few details on the materials I used for these shelves.

What you'll need: 

  • Shelf brackets (here are some great selections from Home Depot)
  • 1×12 board cut into 3 ft sections. If you don’t have a saw, they will cut the board for you at Home Depot!
  • Stain (my color is linked, but pick what works best with the other tones in your space!)
  • A drill and screws

It’s really that easy! You can put them as close or as far apart as you’d like, depending on what you’re using them for.

My shelves, from board to board, are 15.5 inches apart.

Now, let’s style them!

Style #1

Sources from top to bottom:
Glass bottles (Goodwill). Frame (Hobby Lobby). Succulents (TJ Maxx). Plaque (Altar’d State). Pig book ends (Revintaged Lemon). Books (variety of antique stores). Amber bottles and picture frame (Hobby Lobby). Candle (TJ Maxx– brand Sand and Fog). Funnel (Three French Hens).

This style is the most minimal of the 3.

Some of y’all are saying “WHAT?! There are a ton of things to look at on those shelves!” I know, I know. But I went through the trouble of putting the shelves up, so dadgumit I’m gonna pack them full!

For this look, I decided to put the greenery mostly on the top shelf. The frame around the glass bottles really “makes” the look for me. It’s like a picture of the new season to come.

And then nothing says “spring” like succulents! One of them is elevated on a box my husband’s dad bought him as a kid. Love me some meaningful decor!

The sign on the middle shelf says “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice -F. Scott Fitzgerald.” Quotations that speak to you are one of the easiest ways to incorporate decor that tells your story!

I will never say no to antique books! If the spine of the book doesn’t fit your color scheme, try turning them around to showcase the beautiful pages instead.

I kept the bottom shelf simple with a wedding picture, amber bottles, a candle, and an antique funnel that I got at a local store.

What I'm saying through this look: 

Combine old and new decor for a refreshing new look to your space, always making sure you include meaningful pieces. OH. And greenery never hurts.

Style #2

Sources from top to bottom (some pieces are reused from first photo):
Everything on the top is from Hobby Lobby. Everything.
“S” (TJ Maxx). Teapot (The Rusted Tulip). Concrete pears (Homegrown Marketplace). Book stack (Revintaged Lemon).

Top: I like how the candlesticks add some height. I put a book underneath one of them to give them a staggered look. Then, I put some greenery in that sweet little lantern.

Middle: The “S” and the wedding photo make the focal point of this shelf more personal. I added a pop of metal with a vintage teapot. Can you believe I got that beauty for $8?!

I love these concrete pears. They’re a good complement to the succulent in the concrete pot.

You don’t want to have too much of the same material, but it’s good to have some coordinating pieces to make the overall look cohesive.

The other items on the bottom shelves were recycled from Style #1. I think that’s one of the most fun ways to switch up your space—- use decor that you already have to refresh a different area of your home!

What I'm saying through this look: 

Spring decor doesn’t have to be focused on the greenery. Sure, mix some in there. But you are the artist! You get to decide what spring means to you!

For this look, concrete pears, a springtime wedding photo, and a touch of greenery in my lantern did the trick.

Style #3

Most of these items are the same as from the last two pictures. Exceptions:
White pitcher (Target). Eucalyptus (Hobby Lobby). Small boxwood wreath (Homegrown Marketplace).

This is the way I’m choosing to leave my shelves styled this season. Like I said y’all, I’ll never be a minimalist decorator.

There is SO much to look at here, and each piece tells a story.

The key to making this much decor not look cluttered is to have items of different sizes, shapes, and colors grouped together.

Here’s an example.

Notice in the picture above that the teapot, lantern, and candlesticks are all on separate shelves. That’s because they’re all metal. It adds interest to split the shiny pieces up and throw in flat objects, such as antique books.

And my best piece of advice:


Layers are good for decor, clothing, onions, ogres (instant BFF status if you just laughed at that).

The teapot is on the antique books, the picture frame is behind the S (which is on top of a book) which has a wreath in front of it. Don’t be afraid to layer your pieces!

What I'm saying through this look: 

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Add more pieces to your shelves, and rearrange them until you get the look you want. There’s nothing wrong with stepping back and looking at it again in a few hours. It’s totally free to play around with your own decor!

Spring is such a fun season to decorate for. It’s like a new beginning after the cold, drudginess of winter.

I hope this post made you excited to get your spring on! If you use any of these tips, I would love to see a photo of your shelves on Instagram. Tag me @olivebranchcottage. Happy decorating, loves!


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