Let’s Go to Waco!

I think everyone who loves home decor wants to make the trip out to Waco to visit Magnolia Market.

I went in December of 2018 for Christmas at the Silos, and every corner was picture perfect!

Below I’ll give a little summary of my trip, as well as some other places I recommend in Waco.

Honestly, it’s fun to just sit on the lawn (or at a picnic table) and stare at the silos. It’s so cool seeing Joanna’s vision in real life!

Try to visit the market on a weekday if you can. Even though it was rainy on Saturday, the crowd was noticeably larger than on a sunny Wednesday. I hardly waited in a line during the weekdays.

On the lawn there are food trucks, beanbag chairs, and cornhole boards.

I know at least ONE of these food trucks has got to jump out and grab your attention:

  • Cheddar Box (gourmet grilled cheese)
  • H.O.T. Dog House (again, GOURMET hot dogs)
  • Alabama Sweet Tea
  • Magnolia Table food truck

A short distance from the silos is a garden you can walk through, the beautiful greenhouse pictured above, and Magnolia Seed and Supply. I’m not much of a gardener (I have a black thumb, actually), but I loved seeing the rustic design of these spaces. There is decor, as well as gardening supplies, available in this shop.

You know you have to hit up the bakery! Now, don’t tell Joanna this…. but… I don’t like cupcakes. EEK! I know. BUT. The cupcakes at the Silos Baking Co. were so beautiful that I just had to try one. GASP. They were amazing! I 100% recommend the lemon lavender cupcake. Darn it, even the bathroom in this place was beautiful!

I could also write a whole separate blog post for the sugar cookies. YUM.

Seating area outside the bakery

Inside the store during Christmas at the Silos

Didn’t I tell you every inch of this place is amazing?! Not only did I want to buy everything in sight, but there was design inspiration everywhere! I couldn’t wait to go home and look at my space with a refreshed perspective.

Big tip– make sure you have PLENTY of room in the vehicle you’re driving on your road trip. “Oh, I won’t buy that much!”

Yes you will, stop lying to yourself.

Also, as of this week, SPRING is coming to the Silos! If you follow Joanna on Instagram, you probably saw that they’re beginning to put up florals and other touches of spring throughout the property. This year, Spring at the Silos is taking place March 14-16th, so mark your calendars! There will be a vendor fair that you don’t want to miss.

Something you should go into your trip knowing: the Magnolia grounds are not very big.

In my head, I was picturing miles of places to explore, shop, eat, breathe, sneeze, you name it. In all honesty, you could hit everything in a day.

BUT. I am so, so glad I had more than a day. There were places I just had to go to more than once. You can’t just have one cookie from the bakery. There would also be hidden gems you’d miss in Waco if you only had one day! I think 3-4 days would be a good length for your trip.

Magnolia Market

Okay, back to the food.

Do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk, to Magnolia Table. I had the most delicious breakfast of all time here. I went on this trip with my mom, and after eating here at around 8am, we seriously didn’t eat again until 9:00 that night.

And yes, you guessed it, the whole restaurant was beautiful and showcased Joanna’s personal touches.

Keep in mind, this restaurant is actually in McGregor, TX. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Magnolia Market, so plan accordingly!

Okay, we’ll venture away from the market now. Clint’s woodworking shop is a short distance from The Silos, and it’s as cute as you’d imagine! Bonus points– the house Chip and Jo renovated for him is right next door!

Harp Design Co. has all sorts of merchandise that Clint created– corbels, farmhouse tables, candlesticks, doors. It’s all amazing!

While you’re over that way, head to the original Magnolia Warehouse Shop on Bosque.

*psssssst* If you take your receipt from Magnolia Market, you get a 10% discount at the warehouse!

Other places to visit in Waco: 

  1. Ninfas. The BEST Mexican Restaurant. Trust me on this one. I have been blessed by the chips and queso experience at Ninfas.
  2. The Spice Village. You can walk on over here after you eat at Ninfas! It is FULL of clothes, decor, Waco souvenirs, crafts, handmade furniture, you name it. There’s something for everybody here!
  3. The Findery. This farmhouse/antique shop is within walking distance of Magnolia Market. I bought all the things. There are actually two of these shops next to each other, so don’t miss that!
  4. Cedar Chest Antique Mall. This is where Joanna goes to hunt for antiques on the show! It’s even bigger than it seems, so give yourself some time! It’s located in McGregor, just a few miles from the Magnolia B&B (also close to Magnolia Table, so I would recommend doing these activities on the same day). Funny story, I bought an antique door at Cedar Chest (AMAZING price– couldn’t pass it up) and it rode all 13 hours back to Tennessee with me, wedged in between me and my mom. #worthit
  5. Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast. I wanted to see this sweet little building just because of its appearance on Fixer Upper. It was actually within walking distance from where I stayed! Honest moment: I wouldn’t go out of your way to see it. In other words, if you won’t be driving to McGregor to shop at the antique stores, I would pass. You can’t go inside because people are staying there, so you can only snap your picture outside.
  6. The Dr. Pepper Museum. Yes, this really does exist!
  7. Common Grounds. Again, a star on Fixer Upper! This place was so quaint and inviting. I wish I had a cup of their coffee right now! On certain days (check the schedule before you go), Common Grounds has a truck at Magnolia Market.
  8. Cameron Park Zoo. Full disclosure, I didn’t get to hit up this Fixer Upper spot. The weather was not ideal on my December trip, but it’s an activity to keep in mind!

** Bonus note: I would recommend going to Dallas while you’re out this way. There is so much to do! If for no other reason, make the 1.5 hour drive from Waco to Dallas so you can eat at Rodeo Goat. Best turkey burger I’ve ever had!

Well friends, I hope this was either helpful to you as you’re planning your trip, or that it served as a fun reminder of the trip you’ve already taken. I was so inspired by seeing all Chip and Joanna have created from a small idea they had years ago, and I’ll definitely be traveling the #milestomagnolia again someday.

Happy planning! -M

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